mick and mireya's story

Our dear Aunt Bobbie was a single lady with no children and, truth be told, a bit of a fashionista.  When she passed at age 88, she left us a houseful of beautiful objects, and a closet (well a LOT of closets) full of incredible designer clothes, handbags and jewelry from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and up through today. We wanted to make sure these precious objects got in the hands of people who would appreciate them and so we opened our store in the Sherman Oaks Antiques Mall, LA HOMESTEAD BOOTH 116.
And then Covid happened, and our sister and brother in law both became unemployed. Sitting in the garage where we kept our inventory one day, my sister in law said to me “what if I tried to sell some of this amazing stuff online”.  Immediately we knew it was a great idea and so LAHOMESTEAD.COM was born.
We quickly realized that an online store couldn’t have the same one-of-kind inventory as we had in our bricks and mortar store. So each store is a different entity as far as catalog, although we have some of the same items in both places .
But we are related in every other way. If you live in the LA area, and you order from LAHOMESTEAD.COM, you can pick up at LA HOMESTEAD BOOTH 116.  If you see something at LA HOMESTEAD BOOTH 116, and you want to see if we have it in another size or color, you can check on LAHOMESTEAD.COM to see if that’s and item we carry there.
We are a family owned company.  We want to make the shopping experience wonderful for you and your family.  Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you achieve that.
Happy Homesteading!

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